Hotel Villa Rosenhof 1893 in Gardone Riviera, a history of hospitality is reborn

In the Central European capital city of Lake Garda the historic Mansion gets back to being a small 3-star Hotel . In 1873 the story of hotellerie starts as dependence of former Hotel Rosenhof, which used to lodge the rich Central European aristocracy. Many a guests preferred staying at the dependence to have more privacy […]

Lake Garda’s Centomiglia 2018 and Hotel Villa Florida

The Hotel in Gardone Riviera is 10 km from Gargnano, the point of departure of Europe’s longest regatta in inland waters. There are a great many of our guests who follow the sailing week in Gargnano every year: September 1st  and 2nd 2018 start with Gorla Trophee followed by the famous Centomiglia on September 8th […]

Hotels and historical villas in Gardone Riviera, where the charm of the Belle Epoque survives.

Villa Florida is the ideal Hotel to discover the Central European town on Lake Garda. The discreet art of hospitality has ancient roots, it is something that cannot be improvised and grows little by little.  Gardone Riviera has  the privilege of first starting the Central European history in 1883 till the nefarious outbreak of WWI […]

The famous golf courses of Lake Garda near Hotel Villa Florida.

Our 4 stars Hotel in Gardone Riviera is in an ideal position to reach the famous courses Golf Bogliaco,  Colombaro,  Gardagolf, Arzaga and Chervò. Those who love golf know well how important the location is to enjoy a different course each day. Villa Florida is  highly appreciated by golf players because it is located   […]

The Mille Miglia in Brescia, the most remarkable car race in the world.

A long weekend at our Hotel in Gardone Riviera, to be present at the great event of Mille Miglia as well.   Mille Miglia heat the engines. The race, which sees participation of cars and crews from all over the world, starts on Wednesday, May 16th on the traditional route Brescia-Rome-Brescia. As usual cars will […]